Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Term 3 in the TLC

The Taeotu Learning Centre has been humming along with the start to the term. Students are becoming accustomed to the new weekly timetables and are taking considerable responsibility for organising themselves into groups and workshops, without being reminded - well done Taeotu 1!

In the new room our focus is obviously still on core learning areas but we have timetabled 2 afternoon sessions for what we are calling "kaupapa". We have kickstarted these sessions by dividing the 3 classes into 4 groups. Each group then attends rotations with the 4 different teachers over a 2 week period. This fortnight the groups have attended:
- a Te Reo Maori session
- a session on Learning to Be Resilient
- team building with a P.E. focus
- "Minute To Win It" team building

Here are some photos of the Minute to Win It games - they sound easy until you try it!

Sticky Stack - balance dice on a stick

Cookie Face - move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth (No Hands!)

Card Tower - highest card tower after a minute wins!

Toss the Stick - a point for every popsicle stick that lands on the target.

Everyone had great fun, and it has been an enjoyable way to establish new relationships (and strengthen old ones) as we have merged the 3 classrooms.

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