Saturday, September 9, 2017

Student Writing

Our writing focus has turned to narrative writing for the rest of the term. This week students wrote to describe a setting using specific nouns and descriptive adjectives. Here is some of their work...

Deep in the Jungle stands a rickety abode. Its roof looks as though it will collapse any minute. The door of this building crumbles at the very touch. Vines grow strong around the broken down structure. Cruddy windows of the second level were overgrown with furry green moss. Centuries old wood creaks with every gust of wind. Grey stones that cover the ancient structure drop with every step closer. The steps are slightly submerged into the dampened grown of the jungle.

By Bianca

Scenery Writing

The bright green grass was waving in the wind.
The road was flat like a pancake.
The brown tree trunks were rough like sandpaper.
The trees were leaning like they were falling.
The sun was shining on the crusty leaves.
The flowers were smelly like a bath bomb.
The road was grey like a rainy cloud.
The wind was soft like toilet paper.

By Zianne


The sand burning the bottom of my feet.
The fluffy white clouds making mysterious pictures in the sky.
Palm trees waving their  leaves like hands.
The gorgeous  water waving over the crystal white sand.
The never island so far far away looking so lonely.
The sparkling  blue water never smeling so salty.
The stunning lagoon sparkles in my eyes.
The pretty blue and white tones making beautiful colours.

By Maia

The waterfall drops like a shower of a rain.
The trees are green like a rainforest surrounding  the falls.
The flowers bloom like a gate opening to go inside.
The peacock is more colorful than a rainbow.
The peacock colors are red, blue and white like the french flag.
The  feathers are beautiful like a colorful rainbow that glitters.
The peacock stands like she is the leader of her group.
The peacock’s eyes are black like she sees death in another person.

By Mairangi

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Blue water and don't forget the purple and orange sky. 
Red leaves and the brown branches waving in the wind.
The sun is setting on the horizon.
Birds flying past, you can hear them chirping,
Baby birds crying for food.
The water shining because the sun’s reflection.

By Isaak

Stepping onto white sand like walking on salt.
Small gentle winds that sway the waving palm trees.
Blue skies with white patches of pale candy floss.
Cold ocean water splashing against my body.
Burning like a bbq under neath the deadly heat.
Blue furriness tickling under my feet.
As the water ripples it takes away the stress.
The hairy fale’s sit in a line on the crackling sand.

By Te Okewhare


The sun rises early, as the clouds start covering the skies.
The gigantic mountains reach their peaks.
The trees surround the land with green.
The water reflects on the wonderful reality.
The snow slowly covers the gigantic mountains.
Clouds slowly pass as the sun fades away.
The beautiful pale white snow covers the tree tops.
The branches shake as the wind blows past.

By Taylor

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The enormous Moon lighting up the lake.
The sky with a calming blue.
Stars blinking and shining in the night sky.
The water holds the reflection of the sky and moon.
The swans relaxing on the cold, calm water.
Trees reaching and branching over towards each other.
Trees swaying, wind howling.
Hard day, best night.

By Dontay Rapana

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The water is as still as a statue.
Shining bright, the sun is as sparkly as diamonds.
As the waterfall drops, it is as fast as a cheetah.
Water as blue as the sky, ripples move across the lake.
Standing tall the trees are surrounding the water
like soldiers.
The rocks stand strong as the waterfall flows through them.  
The floating clouds as fluffy as candy floss.
The scene brings a feeling of happiness and peace.

By Rahapa Ririnui

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The bright ball of yellow fire sits high in the night sky.

The red reminds me of blood, sweat and tears in rugby.

The sun is setting  over the high mountains.

The colour yellow turns to orange and red.

Light  shines upon the dark drifty day.
The mountains are abandoned.    

By Liliano Sabatini

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